Welcome to the SMS Instructional Media Center and Library

Librarian: Lori Hazelip
Library Assistant: Ginger Suvak

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Library Guidelines

Mission Statement of Salem Middle School Library

The mission of the Salem Middle School Library is to be an integral part of the instructional program dedicated to providing our school with the best possible resources and services. The library strives to assist and encourage students and staff to become life-long readers with the love of learning.

Library Rules and Guidelines

  • Students should bring a pass from their teacher and sign-in upon entering the library.

  • At the end of their stay students should sign-out and obtain a return-to-class stamp from the librarian.

  • Two books may be checked out at a time for a period of two weeks.

  • Students with overdue books must renew or return such item before checking out another item.

  • Lost materials or materials damaged beyond repair will be replaced at current cost by the student responsible for such materials.

  • Students are not to bring food or drink into the library.