Student Activities

Advisory Period Directory 2019-2020

Animal Science Club
Mr. Kelley
Room 218 / Outside weather permitting

This will be a chance for animal lovers / enthusiasts to come together. Interests may include dogs, cats, horses, rabbits or showing farm animals. We will go over topics such as nutrition, grooming, daily care, showmanship techniques, etc.

Art/Special Projects (5-10 Students max. Initially 7th/8th Grade only)
Mrs. Clodfelter
Art Room, then work in designated areas throughout the school, depending on the project. 

The Art/Special Projects activity will be working on collaborative projects to bring different types of art to various areas of the school. Selected students will be working on paintings, fiber arts, and a variety of projects under the direction of Mrs. Clodfelter.   

Bass Fishing Club 

The Salem Bass Fishing club is open to all MS and HS students. Club members will have the opportunity to hear from local tournament professionals, learn fishing basics, and get to enjoy the great outdoors. The club will hold several local bank fishing tournaments throughout the year for all anglers to compete in. Additional youth tournaments are also available for anglers that are interested in competitively pursuing the sport outside of normal club operations.

Baseball Skills
Mr. Burton
ROC and use of the SHS Girls Softball field occasionally

Students will learn the proper mechanics and execution of the fundamental BASEBALL skills. catching a thrown ball, executing an overhand throw, fielding ground balls, fly balls. Also, some advanced skills such as executing a rundown situation, turning a double play, covering bunts, situational hitting, and outfield cutoff communication. We will also be learning basic and advanced pitching, catching, hitting and base running techniques.

Best Of The Best Movies
Mr. Spencer-Pierce
SMS Choir Room

Description: Mr. SP will take students on a guided tour of classic films from the 1930s-present. All these films are found in various “Top 100 Films Of All Time” lists, but most students are not likely to run across these on their own, as many are from long ago but still are some of the best ever!

Elizabeth Heavin and Anne Scarlett
Room 228 (for now- we will eventually move to room 231)

Students will be able to talk to friends and relax. They may also work on homework. 

Classroom Help
Kala Ponder
Kala Ponder’s room 230 on Tuesday

Missing work. Students will come to LA to get caught up on missing assignments.

Mrs. Dowling
Room: 225

We will repurpose used materials and create new decorative items through creativity. We will create fun, useful, unique, and beautiful crafts that you can take home and display and also objects that can be helpful for you to use every day here at school. Some crafts will be fast and easy that you will complete in one day, others we will allow more creativity and may take multiple days to complete. This will be a fun and relaxed craft time just like when you were little, but more mature to fit your needs and new creativity. 

Entrepreneurial Class
Kala Ponder and Savannah Hartsfield
Kala Ponder’s room 230 Wednesday

We will discuss public speaking, watch shark tank, create a product, run spreadsheets, listen to public speakers about their business. Possibly take field trips.

Free Read
Mrs. Rowe & Mrs. Barnett
The Den

Free Read will allow students to enjoy quiet, independent reading time in the comfort of The Den. 

Math Competition Team
Mrs. Barrett
Room 209  

Math Competition Team ( 20-24 students by invitation only)  - This activity is by invitation only for students who enjoy exploring mathematics at a high level.  Students will be engaged in problem-solving activities and will participate in competitions that they will choose.  One of those competitions will be MATHCOUNTS.

National Junior Honor Society 
Amy Abner
Invitation only – Will meet one once per week in room 103

NJHS is an Honor Society that is invite only.

Outdoor Club
Mr. Ellis 
Room 207, with trips outdoors on occasion. 

We will explore different outdoor recreational activities each week. The activities will range from fishing to conservation practices. 

Pool Safety, First Aid/CPR/AED
Mrs. Stancombe
Pool Area and Room 223

Have an interest in being a Lifeguard someday,  have your own pool at home or maybe you want to babysit and have the necessary skills to get jobs? We will discuss pool safety and practice skills needed in, on and around the water. Do you know how to use safety equipment around the pool such as throwing the ring across the pool to save someone? We will practice this as well as other skills necessary for saving someone including First Aid/CPR and AED use. 

Robotics Team 

The team will attend a local competition this year after completing their robot build. The competitions are broken into three categories: a team competition, individual driver, and coding. We have placed 3rd overall in the team competition and ended up as the 5th place team out of 24 in the alliance qualifiers. The program focuses on problem-solving skills, design, and creation.

Sister Circle
Mrs. Hartsfield
Silent Lunch Room (Old FACS room) on Fridays

Students will meet for motivations, discussions and conversation to help each other become better individuals.  Open to all girls this year. No invite required.

Ms. Hammack
Room 206 on Fridays

We will be compiling a scrapbook with photos of your choosing. This will include picking a background, stickers and writing about memories on the pages. Something to cherish forever.

Softball Skills
Mr. Malloy
Ray Oppel Court

Students will learn the proper mechanics and execution of the fundamental Softball skills. Such as catching a thrown ball, executing an overhand throw, and fielding ground balls and fly balls. We will also be learning basic pitching, catching, hitting and base running techniques. 

STEM/STEAM Club (STEM Club is invite only)
Laura Mahuron
Tuesday through Friday with Wednesday staying until 4:00.Must have a ride to pick up at 4:00.

This club is to give students the chance to research STEM careers, develop a better understanding into what is STEM, and participate in many STEM activities throughout the school year.

Tabletop Activity 
Ms. Kassidy Smith 
Room 217

Students will be able to play a variety of Board Games and other game like activities. I will have Jenga, Clue, Apples to Apples, and two decks of cards in my for the students to use. Hangman, Pictionary and Headbands are also able to be played using whiteboard paddles that are also provided in my classroom.

Unified Cubs
Maranda Churchman, Lisa Davidson, and Shirley Hamilton
Room 104 

To give the Special Education students a chance to bond with their General Education peers over games, activities, projects, and more

Walk With Me (Wednesdays and Thursdays)
Mrs. Napier
Room 210

This is for any student wishing to get up and get moving at the end of the day. We will walk outside, weather permitting, or inside if not. Please make sure to wear gym shoes you can wear outside to Walk With Me.  

Mrs. Bailey (with Mrs. Ponder)
Room 105

Yoga is a form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility, and breathing to boost physical and mental well-being.  

Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering, and Pokémon activity
Mr. Heavin
Room 216

If you enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering, and Pokémon games then this is your activity.