students work on building canoes

Students in Mrs. Kristen Bailey's 7th grade language arts class recently read Mississippi Solo.  It was a memoir about a man's trip down the Mississippi River in a canoe.  Bailey said the memoir was full of figurative language. "After we analyzed the figurative language and completed a RACE Strategy response, students built canoes," she said.

STEAM Director Jessica Morgan organized the activity with Bailey to enhance student learning with a hand's-on activity. The students built the canoes and then timed them on a water course that was constructed.

Activities like these are what will be done in the new STEAM lab at SMS, which is expected to be completed at the end of this school year. Morgan will be working with teachers to bring STEAM activities into their classroom for hands-on learning.

Students launching boats

student launching boat

students watching their boat sail

students working with Mrs. Morgan

students launching their boat