Suvak talking to students in the library

Salem Middle School Librarian Ginger Suvak worked with students this week to find out their reading genre. She said students often come to the library and aren't sure what to check out. By taking a genre personality test, the young readers know if they are more into fiction, fantasy, romance, etc. 

"It really helps students choose books that they like and want to read!" she said.

Every month the librarian sets a new theme and does an activity with the students. She thought the genre personality quiz would be a great way to kick off the start of the year and she has had a good response. 

"Several students, and even Mrs. Ponder, said the quiz was right on for what they like to read," said Suvak.

Students visit the library during their Language Arts class, but they also are able to visit the library before and after school and during their lunch hour. The open atmosphere and flexibility has helped encourage more reading and Suvak gets a chance to make contact with each of the students during her monthly activities.